Framing Statement II

Framing Statement II

Writing as a Recursive Process

Throughout this process, I tried to reorganize my writing to different places to try and make it flow better. I also played around with how I want my introduction paragraph to sound. Some things I tried to integrate actually come from this post:

Re-Seeing Draft

In the second half of this blog post, I talk about different ways that I can edit my draft to make things better.

Integrate Ideas with Those of Others

If you take a look at this post, you can see the different ways I compare and contrast the two views between Gee and Cuddy:

Connecting Gee and Cuddy

I cite certain pages for each other to show where this information can be found. Along with this I also expand on their ideas, mainly Cuddy’s, especially towards the end. These things can also be found in my essay, which also uses signal phrasing and proper MLA in-text citation: Fake it ‘Till You Become it

One helpful thing was having group conversations during class. This helped to bounce different ideas back and forth from our own writing. Having those few classes to talk with each other helped to really integrate different ideas.

Active Reading, Critical Reading, & Informal Reading Response

No matter what the reading is, I try my best to annotate as well as possible; sometimes without being required to annotate at all. In these three blog posts, you can see different times that I was able to demonstrate proper active reading.

Connecting Gee and Cuddy

Questions on Reading Gee and Cuddy

Reading Gee

In the first half of this post, you can see me demonstrating the different ways to annotate readings:

Re-Seeing Draft

Along with marking up readings, I also discussed the different readings during class with fellow classmates. Whether it be during group work where we are required to present ideas about the reading, or before class where we ask each other different questions about what needed to be read, I feel as though I have responded pretty well to the readings.

Critique Own and Others’ Work

A huge part of this learning outcome is commenting on my peers’ rough drafts to give them some feedback and suggestions for improvement. But for this half of the semester, I was not able to demonstrate this outcome. I go a little more into detail as to why this was under the “Engagement” outcome.

Though I was not able to demonstrate this part of the outcome this semester, I was still able to demonstrate other parts of it. During class, I both talked with my own group, as well as another group’s, drafts. During this time, we bounced different ideas off of each other to expand on our projects a bit more. I also talked about each one and how they could improve on their ideas or structure.

Document Work Using Appropriate Conventions

Throughout my writing, I was able to demonstrate the correct ways to signal phrase and use in-text citations that follow the MLA parenthetical and punctuation format.



My Works Cited page was not entirely in the correct format, I used an old format that I was taught instead. But this can be fixed in the next paper that requires me to use a Works Cited page.

Control Individualized Error Patterns

This past semester, it was brought to my attention just how often I would have sentence fragments in my writing. After learning that I had this problem, I set out to try and fix it. So far, I would say that I have been able to fix my problem for the most part. I have been trying hard to pay attention to this detail in my writing.



Another problem that arose was my Works Cited page. This was not in the correct MLA format. Instead, I had used an old format that I was taught possibly even in middle school. This problem can easily be fixed though, all it takes is a simple touch up to the format to fix.


As you probably know, I have been to every single class this semester, including the meetings every Wednesday with Jack Moore. During class, I try to stay engaged the best that I can, volunteering when possible. During our last conference, it was said that even though it was a good thing that I was volunteering so much, it was also probably good as well to give my classmates more chances to give their input as well. So since that meeting, I have been trying to sit back a little bit so that other people can have a chance to try out their answers. With group work, I try to make sure that my voice is heard, giving input as well as feedback to my peers.

I was also able to complete most of the assignments this semester with an exception. I did not comment on my peers’ discourse paper drafts. This was because at the time I was coping with my best friend, who is back home in Massachusetts, committing suicide. This was very hard for me, which in turn affected my work and work ethic for the time. I do regret not writing the comments on my peers’ drafts though. They were not able to receive necessary feedback, and I was not able to fully demonstrate critiquing others’ work. This was the only assignment at the time that I missed. I was able to push through for the work that was to come.

One class, we had taken a poll to see how many people used each different form of active reading annotations. This caused me to wonder just how often I used the lesser used forms myself. After that class, I tried to use each one of these annotation types, though some readings you just could not find a way to integrate these annotations.