DigiSpace Reflection Time!

DigiSpace Reflection Time!

So far this semester has been a crazy one! Firstly, my semester started a little early because I had to start student teaching right after New Years. So far this has been going very well and I have actually been having some fun! In regards to school and work life of college, things have been also going really well. I have been working for DigiSpace at the student academic success center for about three years now which is an insane amount of time! So much has happened during that timeframe and I wanted to take a minute to reflect on some of that. I remember when I started I was very nervous because I would be working with so many random people I had never met before. But my major is in education… that will be my life! Because I have met so many people I have had so many different experiences during my time at DigiSpace.

I have a few different goals for my ePortfolio before I graduate. I would love to add some more things about education here. I could add student work, lesson plans, and videos of me teaching. I think this would be a really good reflection space for my student teaching. It is also time to update my art gallery section. I have completed a bunch more work, so it would be good to update that. Finally, I also would like to add in reflections for my digital literacy badge. This has been in the works for a long time, life has just been so busy! I really need to take the time to sit down and get those settled into my portfolio.

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  1. I really like how you mentioned your work in the schools, because I find that so interesting and can’t wait to do it myself as well! (I’m an education major too :)) I also think your idea of adding videos of you teaching, lesson plans, and student work would be a really good way to showcase your work as an educator. It could be incredibly useful for when you want to apply to a job because it’ll show what you already know how to do.
    I also completely agree with how this experience at Digi Space helps develop interpersonal skills and make you more confident with talking to new people and working with them, because it’s certainly helping me as well!
    I think this is a really great reflection!

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